Training and certifications

Member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers 

ASCFG national and regional conferences

Member of the Twin Cities Flower Exchange


Floret Flower Farming Intensive Workshop


Floristy Design Classes at Koehler & Dramm

University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener | SINCE 2016


Hi. I'm Allison.

And I'm a flower farmer.

I started Flower Child Farm and became a flower farmer because I grew a handful of dahlia tubers which eventually blossomed into moving my family to 2.7 acres where I grow on 1.25 acres today. My heart fell for the flower farming community and the amazingness of growing flowers from seeds/tubers/bulbs into something beautiful to share with you. I am a Master Gardener and a lover of plants, flowers, and trees. My background is in corporate retail where I honed my skills for business operations, process efficiency, and project management at the local darling mass retailer. I love building relationships with people and their businesses to help each other meet goals.

I was born and raised in a small town in northern Minnesota (just south of “up north”) with an appreciation for nature. Both sets of my grandparents maintained massive vegetable gardens and had beautiful lilacs and a raspberry patch. My mom is a “plant lady” and my dad owned an athletic store for 39 years, so it was natural that I found my passion running a small business growing flowers.

I married my kindergarten sweetheart, Joe. He’s the calm and supportive one who can always be convinced that crazy ideas should be explored. We have two mostly sweet kiddos and the two best dogs on the planet.

As a kid, I stumbled upon the Confucius quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” As naïve as it sounds, I have always come back to that.

I also happen to believe in the best clichés. That life really is about the little things. Be yourself. Chase your dreams. Be kind. Do the things that make your heart happy. I am a big fan of Harry Potter, inspirational quotes, tie dye, and fountain Dr. Pepper.